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    • HRMB61GD Air-Cooled Welding Torch
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MIG/MAG HRMB61GD Air-Cooled CO2/Mixed Shielded Welding Torch

MB61GD Air Cooled Welding Torch

ItemMIG/MAG HRMB61GD Air-Cooled CO2/Mixed Shielded Welding Torch
Rating500A CO2/ 400A Mixed Gas, Duty Cycle 60% Wire Diameter: 1.6-3.2mm
Rear ConnectorEuro Connector
CertificationISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, TUV
Packing1set/box neutral packing, 5sets/Carton Box
Welding Gas Nozzle/ CO2 Torch Nozzle
A6101 145.0048Nozzle Cylindrical
A6102 145.0081Nozzle Conical
A6103Nozzle Tapered
A6104Nozzle Spot Welding
Welding Contact Tip / Torch Tip
B6101 140.0616Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*35*1.6mm
B6102 140.0065Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*35*2.0mm
B6103 140.0698Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*35*2.4mm
B6104 140.0712Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*35*2.8mm
B6105 140.0734Contact Tip CuCrZr M10*35*3.2mm
Welding Torch Liner
C6101 122.00562.5/4.5 Steel Liner 1.4-1.6mm,3m
C6102 122.00602.5/4.5 Steel Liner 1.4-1.6mm,4m
C6103 122.00632.5/4.5 Steel Liner 1.4-1.6mm,5m
C6104 122.00733.5/4.9 Steel Liner 2.0-2.4mm,3m
C6105 122.00753.5/4.9 Steel Liner 2.0-2.4mm,4m
C6106 122.00763.5/4.9 Steel Liner 2.0-2.4mm,5m
C6107 122.00662.8/6.3 Steel Liner 1.6-2.0mm,3m
C6108 122.00672.8/6.3 Steel Liner 1.6-2.0mm,4m
C6109 122.00682.8/6.3 Steel Liner 1.6-2.0mm,5m
C6110 122.00793.5/7.0 Steel Liner 2.4mm,3m
C6111 122.00803.5/7.0 Steel Liner 2.4mm,4m
C6112 122.00823.5/7.0 Steel Liner 2.4mm,5m
C6113 122.00834.5/7.0 Steel Liner 2.8-3.2mm,3m
C6114 122.00844.5/7.0 Steel Liner 2.8-3.2mm,4m
C6115 122.00864.5/7.0 Steel Liner 2.8-3.2mm,5m
Welding Torch Spare Parts: Gas Diffuser, Tip Holder, Swan Neck
D6101 142.0032Tip Holder
D6102 013.0030Gas Diffuser
D6103 013.0001Swan Neck

Note: All mentioned names, Trademarks and Part No. are the property of their respective manufacturers, all consumables are not original, are manufactured and sold by HUARUI CO., reference to the original manufacturer is for convenience only.

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