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What are the advantages of CO2 MIG welding in use?

Date: 19/11/2022

CO2 MIG welding is one of the welding methods, which is based on carbon dioxide gas as a protective gas for welding. In the application of simple operation, suitable for automatic welding and all-round welding. No wind during welding, suitable for indoor work. The full name of carbon dioxide shielded welding is carbon dioxide gas shielded arc welding. The shielded gas is carbon dioxide, and sometimes the mixture of carbon dioxide and argon is used. This welding technology is mainly used for manual welding.

In the application of simple operation, suitable for automatic welding and all-round welding. Poor wind resistance during welding, suitable for indoor work. Due to the special influence of zero thermal and physical properties of carbon dioxide gas, when using conventional welding power supply, it is impossible for the molten metal at the end of the wire to form a balanced axial free transition, usually need to use short circuit and melt drop neck burst, therefore, such as the use of high quality welding machine, the parameter selection is appropriate, you can get a very stable welding process, so that the splash reduced to the minimum degree.


Advantages of CO2 MIG welding:

1. Low welding cost. Its cost is only 40~50% of submerged arc welding and electrode arc welding.

2. High production efficiency. Its productivity is 1~4 times that of electrode arc welding.

3, easy to operate. Open arc, the thickness of the workpiece is not limited, can be welded in all positions and can be welded downward.

4. High cracking resistance of weld. The weld has low hydrogen and less nitrogen content.

5. Small deformation after welding. The angular deformation is 5 parts per thousand, and the unevenness is only 3 parts per thousand.

6, welding splash small. Welding spatter can be reduced when using ultra-low carbon alloy wire or flux-cored wire, or adding argon gas to carbon dioxide.


Harmful substances produced by CO2 MIG welding can be divided into two categories:

One is harmful gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3)

One is soot: iron trioxide (Fe2O3), silicon dioxide (SiO2), manganese oxide (MnO), other impurities

These harmful substances, in addition to carbon dioxide is in order to protect the arc and weld pool, from the torch ejection, welding is not finished and left around the welding area, the rest of the harmful substances are produced from the welding arc and weld pool.

Due to the low cost of gas shielded welding, carbon dioxide gas is easy to produce, widely used in enterprises of all sizes, the price of the protective gas is low, the short circuit transition weld formation is good, and the use of deoxidizing agent containing welding wire can be obtained without internal defects of high quality welding joint. Therefore, this welding method has become one of the most important welding methods for ferrous metal materials.



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