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Operation method for MIG welding process of aluminum alloy

Date: 06/07/2021

Aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, higher specific strength, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and plasticity. The performance changes with the change of its purity. The higher the purity, the lower the strength, and the higher the plasticity. Another characteristic is that with the increase of temperature, the tensile strength decreases, otherwise the tensile strength increases.

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MIG welding

Operation method:

Both TIG and MIG welding methods belong to inert gas arc welding, while high purity argon is the commonly used shielding gas in the welding methods of two aluminum alloy materials. Compared with other gases, it has the characteristics of easy arc initiation, stable arc voltage, good protection effect, and small thermal conductivity. It is important to have a good cathodic crushing effect. It is very important to fuse the oxide film with a high melting point on the surface of aluminum alloy.

The electrode of TIG welding is non-melting, and there is no transition problem of deposited metal. The electrode of MIG welding is melted, so there is a transition problem of deposited metal.

If the thickness of the welding plate is above, if necessary, the welding seam shall be warmed before welding with a heating drying gun, and the temperature shall not exceed 150 ℃. Due to the large temperature difference at the beginning of welding, plus the strong thermal conductivity of the base material, the weld cooling rate is too fast, leading to the impurity that does not melt in the weld metal is difficult to overflow the surface, forming welding defects.

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