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The TIG welding torches’ operating rules

Date: 22/06/2021
  1. Argon arc welding must be operated by a special person switch.

  2. Check whether equipment and tools are in good condition before work.

  3. Check the TIG welding power supply, whether the control system has a grounding wire, and add lubricating oil to the transmission part. Rotation should be normal, argon gas, water must be unblocked. If there is a leakage phenomenon, should immediately inform repair.

  4. Check whether the TIG welding torch is normal and the ground wire is reliable.

  5. Check whether the high-frequency arc starting system and TIG welding system are normal, whether the wire and cable joints are reliable, for automatic wire electrode argon arc welding, but also check whether the adjustment mechanism and wire feeding mechanism are intact.

    TIG welding

  6. Choose polarity according to the material of the workpiece, connect the TIG welding loop, the general material is directly connected with DC, and the reverse connection method or AC power supply is used for aluminum and aluminum alloy.

  7. Check whether the TIG welding groove is qualified, the groove surface shall not have oil, rust, etc., in the TIG welding seam on both sides of 200mm to remove oil and rust.

  8. The use of the tool to check its reliability, TIG welding parts need to preheat also check the preheating equipment, temperature measuring instrument.

  9. Argon arc TIG welding control button shall not be far away from the arc, so that in case of failure can be closed at any time.

  10. The use of high-frequency arc must often check whether there is leakage.

  11. Equipment failure shall be overhauled without power, and the operator shall not repair by himself.

  12. In the vicinity of the arc, is not allowed to naked and naked exposed to other parts of the area, is not allowed to smoke and eat near the arc, in order to avoid ozone, smoke inhalation body.

  13. When grinding thorium tungsten electrodes, you must wear masks and gloves, and obey the operation rules of the grinder. The best choice of cerium tungsten pole (a little less radiation). The grinder must be equipped with a ventilating device.

  14. Operators should wear electrostatic dust masks at any time. Minimize the time of high-frequency electrical action during operation. Continuous work shall not exceed 6 hours.

  15. Argon arc welding worksite must be air circulation. Ventilation and detoxification equipment should be started in the work. When the ventilation device fails, it should stop working.

  16. Argon bottles are not allowed to be smashed. Argon bottles must have support and be more than 3 meters away from open fire when placed upright.

  17. When argon arc welding is carried out inside the container, the special mask should be worn to reduce the inhalation of harmful smoke. There should be a person outside the container to monitor and cooperate.

  18.  Thorium and tungsten rods should be stored in lead boxes to avoid injury caused by radiation dose exceeding the safety limit when a large number of thorium and tungsten rods are gathered together.

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