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Welding material knowledge

Date: 08/05/2024

1 What is acid electrode?

Electrode containing more acid oxide in the coating, such as junction 422 (E4303), junction 502 (E5003) and other AC-DC dual electrode.


2 What is alkaline electrode?

The electrode containing a large amount of alkaline oxide and fluoride, such as junction 507 (E5015), junction 506 (E5016) and other electrodes.


3 What is cellulose type (downward vertical welding special) electrode

Welding rod containing a large amount of organic matter in the coating, pipe and thin plate structure downward vertical welding.

< 1 > For example, E6010 (equivalent to E4310, J425G) is suitable for bottom welding, hot welding, fill welding.

< 2 > E8010 (equivalent to E5511, J555) is suitable for hot welding, filling welding, cover welding layer.

Generally use low hydrogen down electrode cover welding; E7048 (equivalent to J506X) weld is clean and beautiful.


4 Why should the electrode be strictly dried before welding?

The welding rod will often deteriorate the process performance due to moisture absorption, resulting in unstable arc, increased spatter, and easy to produce porosity, cracks and other defects. Therefore, the electrode must be strictly dried before use. The drying temperature of the general acid electrode is 150 ~ 200℃, and the time is 1 hour. The drying temperature of the alkaline electrode is 350 ~ 400℃, the time is 1 ~ 2 hours, and the electrode is placed in the insulated box of 100 ~ 150℃ after drying.


5 What is welding wire?

A wire used as a filler metal in welding and used to conduct electricity at the same time - called a welding wire. There are two kinds of solid wire and flux-cored wire. Common solid wire model: ER50-6 (grade: H08Mn2SiA).


6 What is flux-cored wire?

A kind of welding wire made by drawing a thin steel strip rolled into a round steel pipe, which is filled with a certain composition of powder.


7 Why is the flux-cored wire protected with CO2 gas?

There are two types of flux-cored wire according to the protection mode: flux-cored gas-protected wire and flux-cored self-protected wire. The flux-cored gas-protected welding wire is generally protected by CO2 gas, which belongs to the form of gas-slag combined protection. It has good weld forming and high comprehensive mechanical properties.

8 When is the welding material scrapped

Corrosion of welding core, adhesion, peeling, serious moisture (especially low hydrogen type electrode, heat-resistant steel electrode, low-temperature steel electrode), such electrode can no longer be used, to be scrapped.


9 What are the effects of moisture on the electrode?

After the electrode is damp, the color of the general coating is dark, the collision of the electrode loses the crisp metal sound, and some even appear "white flowers".

Influence of damp electrode on welding process:

(1) The arc is unstable, the splash is increased, and the particles are too large.

(2) deep penetration, easy to bite edge.

(3) The slag is not covered well and the welding wave is rough.

(4) It is difficult to remove slag.

Influence of damp electrode on welding quality:

(1) Easy to cause welding cracks and pores, especially alkaline electrode.

(2) The values of mechanical properties are easy to be low.


10 What are the effects of damp welding wire?

Moisture absorbing welding wire can increase the content of diffused hydrogen in the deposited metal, resulting in pits, pores and other defects, welding process performance and mechanical properties of weld metal become worse, and serious weld cracking can be caused.

 After nitriding, quenching and low temperature tempering are also required.


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