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What is the difference between flux-cored wire and solid wire?

Date: 15/03/2024

The flux-cored wire does not need additional protective gas, wind resistance and porosity resistance during welding, and the operation process performance is good!

It can also be used for welding various types of steel structures, including low carbon steel, low alloy high strength steel, low temperature steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel and wear-resistant surfacing.

Therefore, the flux-cored wire is more widely used than the solid wire


                    The difference between flux-cored wire and solid wire


1. Production efficiency

In terms of production efficiency, the flux-cored wire adopts continuous welding mode, so the production efficiency is high. Compared with solid wire, the time of removing spatter and polishing weld surface is reduced because of less spatter and better weld forming.


2. Adaptability to steel

Compared with solid wire, because flux-cored wire generally transfers alloying elements through the flux-cored wire, the alloy composition can be easily adjusted from the formula to suit the requirements of the steel to be welded like a manual electrode. The solid welding wire each adjustment of the alloy composition, it must be re-smelted, the process is many, difficult to control, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of less and more varieties. And some alloy steel solid core wire drawing performance is poor, it is difficult to pull into the required wire. At this time, flux-cored welding wire shows its unique advantages.


3. Operating cost

Compared with manual electrode and solid wire, the price of flux-cored wire itself is very high. However, for large enterprises, after the use of flux-cored wire, the production cycle is shortened and the weld quality is easy to ensure, so the comprehensive benefits are very high.


4. Moisture resistance

 Common cartridge wire has a continuous gap on the side of its steel skin due to the constraints of its manufacturing form. Therefore, the shelving time of the flux-cored wire after opening the package can not be too long to prevent excessive moisture absorption and affect the welding quality.


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