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How does argon arc welding prevent radiating damage?

Date: 28/10/2022

Sources and hazards of radiation

The thorium tungsten pole used in argon arc welding and plasma arc welding contains 1-1.2% thorium oxide. Thorium is a radioactive substance, which is affected by radiation during welding and contact with thorium tungsten rod.   

Radiation acts on the human body in two forms: one is external irradiation, the other is through the respiratory and digestive systems into the body to occur internal irradiation. A large number of investigations and measurements on mask argon arc welding and plasma arc welding have proved that their radioactive harm is small, because thorium tungsten rod consumed only 100 -- 200 mg per day, the radiation dose is very small, little impact on human body.

But there are two things to watch out for:

First, when welding in the container, ventilation is not smooth, the radioactive particles in the dust may exceed the health standard;

Second, the concentration of radioactive aerosol and radioactive dust can reach or even exceed the hygienic standard when grinding thorium-tungsten rods and the places where thorium-tungsten rods are present.

    Radioactive material invasiveness INSIDE the BODY CAN CAUSE chronic radiation disease, the main performance IS weakened in general functional state, can see obvious frailty, the resistance to infectious disease is reduced obviously, weight reduction and other symptoms.


Measures to prevent radiation injury

⑴ Thorium tungsten rods should have special storage equipment, stored in large quantities should be hidden in the iron box, and installed exhaust pipe。

⑵ When the sealed cover is used for welding, the cover body should not be opened in the operation. When the manual operation is performed, the air supply protective helmet or other effective measures must be worn.

(3) Special grinding wheel should be equipped to grind thorium tungsten rod, the grinding machine should be installed with dust removal equipment, the grinding debris on the ground of the grinding machine should be wet cleaned often, and concentrated deep burial treatment.

⑷ Dust mask should be worn when grinding thorium tungsten rod. Wash hands with running water and soap after contact with thorium tungsten rods, and wash clothes and gloves frequently.

⑸ Select reasonable specifications when welding and cutting to avoid excessive burning of thorium tungsten rod.

⑹ As far as possible, use cerium or yttrium tungsten rods instead of thorium tungsten rods, because the latter two are non-radioactive.




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