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How much do you know about the hazards of gas welding?

Date: 27/08/2022

Providing a Cleaner Work Environment

Fume coming out during the welding, Welding fume potentially consists of three ingredients:·

1. Welding consumables (90-95% of fume)
2. Base metals
3. Coatings present on the base material

without fume extractor .jpg

Hazards of gas welding

1. Combustion and explosion accidents caused by welding sparks during welding.

2. Burns and scalds caused by welding flame or candle parts due to improper operation.

3. Improper use of equipment, electric shock accident, and falling accident in the welding process.

4. Hazards to the body and welders in the operation will cause blood, eyes, skin, lungs, and other lesions.

5. Welding welders are often exposed to radiation hazards such as strong light, infrared, ultraviolet, and so on. The X-rays produced by electron beams during welding can affect the health of welders.

6. During the welding process, due to the high temperature, the welding parts of the metal, welding rod, dirt, paint, and other evaporation or combustion, the formation of smoke vapor dust, causing poisoning.

7. The high-frequency electromagnetic field produced in welding can make people dizzy and tired.

In the welding operation, not only wear glasses to protect the eyes, so as not to damage the eyes but also wear a welding mask, etc., welders must do a good job of protective measures, the harm of gas welding really can not be underestimated!


Huarui welding expert

Since the establishment in 1985, HUARUI has kept focusing on heavy industry to make welding & cutting solutions and has become one of the leading manufacturers in welding & cutting by modern manufacturing equipment, special technology, and strict testing systems.

HuaRui Portable Fume Extractor Machine Low Vaccuqm Design

fume extractor label.png

portable fume machine front view.jpg

Connection voltage



Drive power


Rated frequency



Filter surface


Connector diameter


Max. vacuum


Max. air volume flow


Sound pressure level LpA




Dimensions (LxWxH)



1 Fixation                           5 Lock nuts                 9 Start-stop clamp connector     13 Manometer

2 Compressed air connection for         6 Extraction hose connection   10 24VDC contactors 14 The Board

 Dedusting with the pressure relief valve  7 Dust collecting drawer       11 Start-stop pliers connection    15 Rubber gasket

3 Filter cartridge                     8 The main cable secures the Gulen head  12 Overload protector   16 Turbine

4 Fastener

Complet Solutions for Indoor Small Industry Welding

HuaRui Fume Extraction GMAW Welding Torch Air-cooled & Water-cooled

huarui fume gas welding.jpg

1. There is a control valve to adjust the suction size

2. Provide a variety of air-cooled models to meet different needs

3. conduit material, the cable is guaranteed not to be damaged

4. High-quality consumables are a strong guarantee of long service life

5. Ergonomically designed handle for a firm grip

6. Carbon dioxide torch: Air cooled, 360 amps 100% carbon dioxide.

For the interior of the frame, it is recommended to use 75% argon and 25% carbon dioxide welding seams for a better appearance.

7. 85% argon and 15% carbon dioxide are recommended for thick steel plates or parts (with oxide layer);

8. For those with high-speed pulses, it is recommended to use 90% argon and 10% carbon dioxide.2371661837564349.jpegHTB1gse7lHwrBKNjSZPcq6xpapXas.jpg

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