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How are TIG welding torches welded?

Date: 13/07/2021

Tungsten Inert Gas, or TIG welding. Tungsten inert gas welding (tungsten inert gas welding) (non-molten gas shielded welding) Inert gas arc welding with pure tungsten or activated tungsten (thorium tungsten, cerium tungsten, zirconium tungsten, lanthanum tungsten) as an unmelted electrode has high quality but low speed.

TIG welding refers to non-melting electrode gas shielded welding, is an arc welding method using external gas as a protective medium, its advantages are good visibility of arc and weld pool, easy to operate; No or little slag, no post-weld slag cleaning. However, special wind protection measures should be taken when working outdoors.

TIG welding

Welding skills (1)

TIG welding itself belongs to the open arc operation can be very good to observe the shape and flow of the molten pool, much better than electrode arc welding.

Welding Skills (2)

The control of welding hand stability is the biggest key to avoid shaking and burning the dock caused by the tungsten pool. The control method can be used to hold the forefinger of the welding torch to support the welded pipe or plate. The extension length of the tungsten electrode can be selected according to the depth of the crack, generally 3-5mm.

The wire transport method can be selected according to the size of the break. When the Angle of the break is small, the welding wire can be placed in the middle of the bath and sent continuously. When the break is large, both sides can be used to feed wire (to be quite skilled, to avoid touching the dock pole). The welding torch moves around to make the edge fuse well. On the surface of the full fish scale, according to the test competition scoring standards, TIG welding height is generally 0~2MM, the surface is smooth without edge. Stomata. Crack. Can not fuse already. The above is the introduction of TIG welding work.

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