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Product overview and use method of mig welding torch

Date: 18/03/2021

The function of mig welding torch is to evenly mix combustible gas and oxygen in a certain proportion and spray it from the welding nozzle at a certain speed to form a flame with a certain energy rate, a certain composition, suitable for welding requirements and stable combustion. The quality of mig welding torch directly affects the welding quality of gas welding. Therefore, it is required that mig welding torch should have good performance in adjusting the ratio of oxygen to combustible gas and flame energy rate, so that the speed of mixed gas ejection is equal to or greater than the combustion speed, so that The flame burns steadily. At the same time, the weight of the welding torch is required to be light, and it should be easy to operate, safe and reliable when used.

The classification of mig welding torch is divided into two types: equal pressure type and jet suction type according to the mixing method of combustible gas and oxygen;

Product overview and use method of mig welding torch

According to the size and weight, it is divided into two types: standard type and light type; according to the number of flames, it is divided into two types: single flame and multiple flame;

According to the type of combustible gas, it is divided into acetylene, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.; according to the method of use, it is divided into two types: manual and mechanical.

The pressure of the combustible gas of the equal pressure torch is equal to the pressure of oxygen, so it is called equal pressure.

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