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PLASMA Torch's safety protection

Date: 04/03/2021

The daily safety protection of Plasma Torch is very important to ensure the production of safety production, today and everyone share the daily safety protection content of plasma cutting:

1. The lower part of the PLASMA Torch should be set up, and the cutting portion should be placed underwater cut in the cutting process to avoid the toxic to the human body.

2. Avoid direct visual plasma arcs during Plasma Torch, need to wear professional protective glasses and facial hoods to avoid burns of arc to eyes and skin.

PLASMA Torch's safety protection

3. A large amount of poisonous gas is generated during the Plasma Torch, which requires ventilation and wearing a multi-layer filtering dust mask.

4. Towels, gloves, feet maintenance tools, etc. need to be worn in the Plasma Torch, prevent four splash of Mars to burn the skin.

5. High-frequency and electromagnetic radiation generated by high-frequency oscillators during the Plasma Torch, will cause damage to the body, and some long-term practitioners even have symptoms of infertility. Although the medical community and the industry have no conclusion, they still need to do it well. Protection work.

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