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What to consider when purchasing a MIG Welding Torch

Date: 07/02/2021

When it comes to purchasing a MIG Welding Torch and the on-going consumables, it can often not be a great deal of thought. However, the wrong choice could have a profound effect on your welding process and could affect the welding equipment’s performance. MIG Welding Torches are the most handled piece of equipment during the MIG welding process and they are exposed to the worst working environments and abuse. This can often have a significant impact on the weld quality, productivity and increase the operator’s downtime. It is often thought that all MIG Welding Torches are the same, so price often becomes a deciding factor when welders considering purchasing a new MIG Welding Torch.

Should I compare prices on MIG Welding Torches?

What to consider when purchasing a MIG Welding Torch

MIG Welding Torches can differ considerably in quality between each manufacturer, the difference can have a profound effect on the performance and total life cost of the MIG torch. Premium quality MIG Welding Torches have been designed to minimise downtime, help eliminate poor weld quality and premature torch failures. All these benefits can deliver significant long-term savings. Normally if the only benefit a MIG Welding Torch has to offer is the low price, it generally means it has been manufactured using low cost components. This means the MIG Welding Torch will not last when compared to higher quality components. Generally low-cost consumables eventually need replacing, these often can be harder to replace and regularly damage secondary parts in the process. Based on the price only and with absence of any other facts to help customers consider, it is understandable that most companies would look at reducing their costs by buying a less expensive product.

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